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BLUE: Steven Franklin (DL) Eastern Kentucky
BLUE: Anthony Butler (QB) Morgan State
BLUE: Joshua Maize (DL) Miami
BLUE: Ian Swenson (DB): UConn
BLUE: Peter Wise (OL) Columbia
BLUE: Nick Novak (OL) Navy
BLUE: Noah Knapp (OL) Army
BLUE: Isaac Hawn (OL) Northern Illinois
BLUE: Bill Kuduk (OL) Kansas State
BLUE: Eddie Brecht (OL) Kent State
BLUE: Larry Boyd (OL) Illinois
BLUE: Larry Borom (OL) Missouri
BLUE: Justis Stokes (WR) Northern Arizona
BLUE: C.J. Hayes (WR) Michigan State
BLUE: Titus McCoy (RB) Indiana State
BLUE: Ivory Kelly-Martin (RB) Iowa)
BLUE: Darriel Mack (QB) Central Florida
GREY: Tah’shim Knight (LB) Charleston Southern
GREY: Austin Johnson (LB) Eastern Illinois
GREY: Luis Lebron (OL) Colorado State
GREY: Ethan Piercy (WR) Gardner-Webb
GREY: Amari Terry (WR) Air Force
GREY: Pressley Harvin (P) Georgia Tech
GREY: Micah Byrd-Brown (LB) Citadel
GREY: Cole Brown (LB) Citadel
GREY: Marlin Brooks (DB) Ohio
GREY: Randall Haynie (DB) Vanderbilt
GREY: Shanon Reid (DB): Tennessee
GREY: Jarques McClellion (DB) Arkansas
GREY: Sean Fitzgerald (OL) Michigan
GREY: Cordavien Suggs (OL) Mississippi State
GREY: Adam Boselli (TE) North Carolina State
GREY: Otis Anderson (RB) Central Florida
GREY: Joseph Brunell (QB) Georgetown
WEST: Evan Fields (DB) Arizona State
WEST: Zach Herman (OL) Texas Lutheran
WEST: Johnathan Nathaniel (OL) Washington State
WEST: Billy Reagins (RB) Northern Colorado
WEST: Mikey Griebel (RB) North Dakota
WEST: Dominic Williams (RB) Kansas
WEST: Xavier Martin (QB) Texas Tech
WEST: Peyton Mansell (QB) Iowa
WEST: Jake McClure (P) Oklahoma State
WEST: Jakharious Smith (DL): Texas State
WEST: Jordan Walker (LB) Southern Utah
WEST: Kris McCune (DB) Oklahoma State
WEST: Dakoda Newman (OL) North Texas
WEST: David Cormier (WR) Air Force
WEST: McLane Mannix (WR) Nevada
WEST: Beau Corrales (WR) North Carolina
WEST: Mikey Griebel (RB) North Dakota
WEST: Dominic Williams (RB) Kansas
EAST: Eric Scott (DB) Illinois State
EAST: Terence Dunlap (RB) Troy
EAST: Joseph Calcagno (LS) Penn State
EAST: Bill Taylor (LS) Auburn
EAST: Blake Haubeil (K) Ohio State
EAST: Anthony Payne (DL) Kansas State
EAST: Exree Loe (DB) West Virginia
EAST: Patrick Bartlett (OL) Georgia Southern
EAST: Owen Drexel (OL) Pitt
EAST: Robert Martin (OL) Penn State
EAST: Riley Locklear (OL) Tennessee
EAST: Kedrick James (TE) Alabama
EAST: Trey Coleman (RB) Tennessee
EAST: Trenton Hatfield (QB) Illinois State
EAST: Austin Burton (QB) UCLA
PACIFIC: Rourke Freeburg (DB) Arizona
PACIFIC: Jackson Block (DL) Northern Colorado
PACIFIC: Abraham Lucas (OL) Washington State
PACIFIC: Tre Bugg (DB) Air Force
PACIFIC: Brent Cimaglia (K) Tennessee
PACIFIC: Michael Gombert (TE) Arizona State
PACIFIC: Anthony Nicastro (DL) Arizona State
PACIFIC: Dylan Korte (OL) Idaho
PACIFIC: Curtis Chiaverini (WR) Colorado
PACIFIC: Chase Cord (QB) Boise State
PACIFIC: Evan Michalet (DB) San Jose State
PACIFIC: Matt McClurg (OL) Oklahoma State
PACIFIC: Dominic Gudino (OL) San Diego State
ATLANTIC: Zachary Hauschild (OL) Youngstown State
ATLANTIC: Riley Patterson (K) Memphis
ATLANTIC: Kevin Williams (OL) Northern Colorado
ATLANTIC: Camron Horry (TE) Texas A&M
ATLANTIC: Evidence Njoku (WR) Miami

Blue-Grey Regional Combine: Southwest Scouting Report

And so it begins. With an eye on the future, a factor that’s paramount when it comes to the whole game of scouting, the time to focus on prospects in the Class of 2016 for next year’s Blue-Grey All-American Bowl is right now. Actually, things got started more than a...

Blue-Grey All-American Bowl: NFL Veteran Evaluation (South)

Make that four straight. Similar to year’s past, the South recently continued its success against the North in the Blue-Grey All-American Bowl with a 39-14 victory at Raymond James Stadium to extend the winning streak to four at the home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Some of...

Blue-Grey All-American Bowl: NFL Veteran Evaluation (North)

Similar to year’s past, several well-known recruits in the Class of 2015 were in action at the most recent Blue-Grey All-American Bowl located at Raymond James Stadium, a 39-14 victory for the South over the North at the home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Most, if not all of...

Blue-Grey All-American Bowl: South 39, North 14

Try as it might, the North attempted to keep things somewhat close on the scoreboard with the South during this past weekend’s Blue-Grey All-American Bowl at Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In the end, however, behind the efforts of Karan Higdon and...

Blue-Grey All-American Bowl: South Defensive Outlook

This past week, we revealed an in-depth look at the offenses for the Blue-Grey All-American Bowl at Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Is a matter of fact, the offense for the North was highlighted a couple of days ago. Now, it’s time to see who is...

Blue-Grey All-American Bowl: North Defensive Outlook

Over the past couple of days, a detailed look at both offenses has been revealed for this weekend’s Blue-Grey All-American Bowl at Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, as the coaches for both teams insist, the outcome could be decided on the other...

Blue-Grey All-American Bowl: South Offensive Outlook

Days from now, on Jan. 10, the Blue-Grey All-American Bowl will take place at Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And of course, many of the nation’s premier prospects will be in action at the NFL facility. Opening kickoff between the North and South is at 8...

Blue-Grey All-American Bowl: North Offensive Outlook

With the Blue-Grey All-American Bowl right around the corner, on Jan. 10 to be exact, we figured it was time to take a closer look at the prospects who line up at Raymond James Stadium, the home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Opening kickoff between the North and South is at 8 p.m....

Blue-Grey All-American Bowl: Commitment Tracker

Some more good news to report here: A pair of prospects who participated in the recent Blue-Grey All-American Bowl have committed to colleges. This time around, Zach Caudle and Connor Shedeed are the recruits to sign with schools. Both played in the memorable game back on Jan. 11...

Blue-Grey All-American Bowl Prospect Spotlight: Taylor Jackson

When it comes to an individual who recently competed in the Blue-Grey All-American Bowl and is a good representation of what the brand is all about, perhaps no one is more worthy of acknowledgment than Taylor Jackson. Not only will he play in college after lining up for the team...