Blue-Grey Football
Hayden Hood (LS) Texas Tech
Kaghen Roach (DL) Army
Cole Parrott (DL) Northern Colorado
Hunter May (DL) Tennessee-Martin
Austin Ertl (DL) Miami Ohio
DeOnte Washington (DL) Colorado State
Kyle Atkinson (DL) Minnesota
Bryce Nelms (DL) Pitt
Etinosa Reuben (DL) Clemson
Michael Henderson (LB) Southeastern Louisiana
Bryce Mullenix (LB) Army
Gianni Rizzo (LB) Youngstown State
Jamey Deckard (LB) Butler
Christian Hastings (LB) Indiana State
Maurio Goings (LB) Delaware State
Carson Stokes (LB) Utah
Chance Cover (LB) Texas Tech
Matthew Wedig (LB) Illinois State
Bershard Glaspie (LB) Tulsa
Haley Bucholz (DB) North Dakota
Khambrail Winters (DB) Texas State
William Savala (DB) Grambling State
Bobby Holmes (DB) Louisiana-Lafayette
Myles Talley (DB) Pitt
Jonathan McGill (DB) Stanford
Kyler Fisher (DB) Iowa
Aaron Sells (DB) Lamar
Justin Harris (DB) Vanderbilt
Myles Mass (DB) Texas
Joey Lombard (OL) South Dakota
Lucas Child (OL) Utah
Max Howell (OL) East Tennessee State
David Sawyer (OL) Columbia
Matthew Needham (OL) Tennessee-Martin
Will McDonald (OL) Coastal Carolina
Sonny Makasini (OL) Utah State
Jay Amburgey (OL) Ohio
Ben Hoitink (OL) Penn
Kellen Adler (OL) Bowling Green
Trevor Stange (OL) Kansas State
Michael McNicholas (OL) Kent State
Ben Mason (OL) SMU
Jacob Golden (OL) Boise State
Hunter Hill (OL) Washington State
Matthew Bedford (OL) Indiana
Layden Robinson (OL) Texas A&M
Mark Rumpke (OL) Dayton
Clayton Ingram (OL) Northern Arizona
Preston Wilson (OL) Oklahoma State
Marcus Alexander (OL) Oklahoma
Christian Helms (WR) South Florida
Parker Alford (WR) Texas
T.Q. Jackson (WR) Arkansas
Xavier Mason (WR) Sacramento State
Shea Whiting (WR) Boise State
Traevon Kenion (WR) South Carolina
Juwaun Price (RB) New Mexico State
Tyler Brown (RB) Air Force
Marcus Robinson-Jenkins (RB) Navy
T.J. McDaniel (RB) SMU
Garrison Johnson (RB) Syracuse
Caleb Gerber (RB) Air Force
Braedon Wissler (RB) Utah
Deondrick Glass (RB) Oklahoma State
Chris Butash (QB) Holy Cross
Jacob Knight (QB) James Madison
Cade Bartlett (QB) McNeese State
Malik Richardson (QB) Western Carolina
Zach Daniel (QB) Hawaii
Velton Gardner (QB) Kansas
Sean Simms (QB) Navy
Cooper Legas (QB) Utah State
Grayson McCall (QB) Coastal Carolina
Keegan Shoemaker (QB) Lafayette
T.J. Goodwin (QB) UTEP
Cameron Jones (QB) Cincinnati

Blue-Grey Regional Combine: Nor. Cal. Scouting Report

Without question, the collection of talent at this past weekend’s Blue-Grey Regional Combine out in Northern California was the best it’s been in years. Top to bottom, and across the board, prospects at seemingly every position on the field excelled when given the...

Blue-Grey Regional Combine: So. Cal. Scouting Report

Similar to year’s past, there was no shortage of talent when the Blue-Grey Regional Combine recently made a customary stop out in the Golden State. The talent pool, across the board, at multiple positions, was particularly deep once again in Southern California. College...

Blue-Grey Regional Combine: Southeast Scouting Report

Prior to the kickoff of the recent Blue-Grey All-American Bowl at Raymond James Stadium, a 39-14 victory for the South over the North, we had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the future at the home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Hours before the action took place between this...

Blue-Grey Regional Combine: Southwest Scouting Report

And so it begins. With an eye on the future, a factor that’s paramount when it comes to the whole game of scouting, the time to focus on prospects in the Class of 2016 for next year’s Blue-Grey All-American Bowl is right now. Actually, things got started more than a...

Blue-Grey All-American Bowl: NFL Veteran Evaluation (South)

Make that four straight. Similar to year’s past, the South recently continued its success against the North in the Blue-Grey All-American Bowl with a 39-14 victory at Raymond James Stadium to extend the winning streak to four at the home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Some of...

Blue-Grey All-American Bowl: NFL Veteran Evaluation (North)

Similar to year’s past, several well-known recruits in the Class of 2015 were in action at the most recent Blue-Grey All-American Bowl located at Raymond James Stadium, a 39-14 victory for the South over the North at the home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Most, if not all of...

Blue-Grey All-American Bowl: South 39, North 14

Try as it might, the North attempted to keep things somewhat close on the scoreboard with the South during the Blue-Grey All-American Bowl at Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, on Jan. 10. In the end, however, behind the efforts of Karan Higdon and Willie...

Blue-Grey All-American Bowl: South Defensive Outlook

This past week, we revealed an in-depth look at the offenses for the Blue-Grey All-American Bowl at Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Is a matter of fact, the offense for the North was highlighted a couple of days ago. Now, it’s time to see who is...

Blue-Grey All-American Bowl: North Defensive Outlook

Over the past couple of days, a detailed look at both offenses has been revealed for this weekend’s Blue-Grey All-American Bowl at Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, as the coaches for both teams insist, the outcome could be decided on the other...

Blue-Grey All-American Bowl: South Offensive Outlook

Days from now, on Jan. 10, the Blue-Grey All-American Bowl will take place at Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And of course, many of the nation’s premier prospects will be in action at the NFL facility. Opening kickoff between the North and South is at 8...