Blue-Grey Football
QB * Kai Kunz * Kansas * Andover Central, KS
QB * Cam’Ron McCoy * Eastern Michigan * St. Mary’s, MO
QB * Blake Kendall * James Madison * DeMatha Catholic, MD
RB * Shoka Griffin * Ball State * Muncie Central, IN
RB * Tharon Davis * Arkansas State * Newport, AR
RB * Karl Ligon * Tulane * Autauga Academy, AL
RB * Jordin Lennon * Norfolk State * York, VA
WR * Kamron Bibby * Arkansas * El Dorado, AR
WR * Tyler Vroman * Michigan State * Rockford, MI
WR * Jameel Gardner * Kent State * Cass Tech, MI
WR * Rayshawn Manning * Youngstown State * St. Edward, OH
TE * Thomas Wadsworth * Central Florida * Melbourne, FL
TE * Cameron Paul * Southeast Missouri * Kirkwood, MO
TE * Tyler Siddons * Central Arkansas * Salem, AR
OL * Brad Harris * Rutgers * St. Joseph’s Prep, NJ
OL * Hastings Carruth * Mississippi State * Parklane Academy, MS
OL * Roger Carreon * Boise State * Jal, NM
OL * Wil Saxton * Southern Miss * Benton Academy, MS
OL * Wesley King * Wyoming * Appleton North, WI
OL * Evan Duff * Indiana * Evansville Memorial, IN
OL * Zach Cochnauer * Minnesota * Farmington, MN
OL * Devin Runnels * Michigan State * Beecher, MI
OL * Jayson Montgomery-Scott * Air Force * Brother Martin, LA
OL * Willliam Diggins * Central Arkansas * Bryant, AR
OL * Hayden Todd * Western Kentucky * Knoxville, TN
OL * Tahj Martin * Grambling State * Lewisville, TX
OL * Beau Sellers * Troy * Wicksburg, MS
OL * Alec Falk * Air Force * Palmer Ridge, CO
OL * Quinten Christensen * South Dakota State * Wellington Springs, SD
OL * Trace Williams-Mitchel * Air Force * Columbine, CO
OL * Greg Knox * McNeese State * Peabody, LA
OL * Kameron Wright * Ohio * Grainville, OH
OL * Taron Williams * North Carolina * South Mecklenberg, NC
OL * Tederian Blair * Central Arkansas * Osceola, AR
OL * Quentin Duffy * Murray State * Lexington Christian, KY
OL * Trace Norfleet * Rice * Prestonwood Christian, TX
OL * Conner Yazell * Marshall * Bourbon County, KY
OL * Jack Plote * Northern Arizona * Mountain Pointe, AZ
OL * Dalton Lyons * Grambling State * Benjamin, FL
OL * Cheylin Peine * Cental Arkansas * Anderson County, KS
OL * Ryan Hacker *Tennessee Tech * IMG Academy, FL
OL * Nick Lober * Southern Utah * Mountain Ridge, UT
OL * Cooper Sheehan * New Mexico State * Permian, TX
DB * Brannan Mannix * Colorado State * Colleyville Heritage, TX
DB * Rick Coleman * Cornell * Harvey, OH
DB * Davion Williams * Charleston Southern * Frostproof, FL
DB * Blair Schonhorst * Ball State * Christian Brothers, MO
DB * Justus Johnson * Murray State * Christian Brothers, MO
LB * Chance Clements * Oklahoma State * Stillwater, OK
LB * Dillon Stowers * Army * Liberty Christian, VA
LB * Helaman Ofahengaue * Utah * Lehi, UT
LB * Hunter Haemker * New Mexico * La Cueva, NM
LB * Carson Hintz * Arkansas State * St. Pius X, TX
LB * Emmerick Dopona * North Texas * Marcus, TX
DL * Jahiem Lawson * Clemson * Daniel, SC
DL * Drew Logan * Cincinnati * Hoover, OH
DL * Ben Armstrong * Texas * Rouse, TX
DL * Mason Jacobsen * Boise State * Rocky Mountain, ID
DL * Jace Sifore * South Dakota State * Howard, SD
DL * Andon Carpenter * Kansas * Derby, KS
DL * C.J. Harvey * Alabama A&M * St. Edward, OH
DL * Gabriel Marable * Alcorn State * Dutchtown, LA

Blue-Grey All-American Combine: DFW Regional Scouting Report (2022)

No question about it, the collection of talent at the Blue-Grey All-American Combine (DFW Regional) was exceptional, with standout players at just about every position on the field, both sides of the ball. NFL veterans Ken Stills, Seneca Wallace and Victor Butler ran the show as...

Blue-Grey All-American Combine: East Texas Regional Scouting Report (2022)

In workout’s debut in this part of the Lone Star State, also the country for that matter, the turnout and results exceeded expectations at the Blue-Grey All-American Combine (East Texas Regional). NFL veteran trainers Reggie Young and Gerard Lewis were the lead instructors...

Blue-Grey All-American Combine: Rocky Mountain Regional Scouting Report (2022)

Seemingly without fail, there are a handful of well-known prospects on hand and a few under-the-radar recruits that emerge during the Blue-Grey All-American Combine (Rocky Mountain Regional). This year was no different from those in the past, as the NFL veteran coaching staff...

Blue-Grey All-American Combine: North Florida Regional Scouting Report (2022)

Back in an all too familiar setting, with eerily similar results to the many times beforehand, the collection of talent was second to none at the Blue-Grey All-American Combine (North Florida Regional). NFL veteran Patell Troutman was the lead instructor and his assistants...

Blue-Grey All-American Combine: Oklahoma Regional Scouting Report (2022)

Despite some, at times, unfavorable conditions that included bouts of rain, wind, and the like, the Blue-Grey All-American Combine (Oklahoma Regional) had to be considering a resounding success. NFL veteran Ken Stills was the lead instructor. He was joined by NFL veteran trainer...

Blue-Grey All-American Combine: Houston Regional Scouting Report (2022)

Like clockwork, seemingly without fail, there is no shortage of talent at the Blue-Grey All-American Combine (Houston Regional). This time around, it was different from workouts in the past. NFL veteran Michael Ray Garvin, along with NFL veteran trainers Reggie Young and Gerard...

Blue-Grey All-American Combine: South Florida Regional Scouting Report (2022)

Back at the brand’s home away from home, for all intents and purposes, there were plenty of memorable moments and players to discuss from the Blue-Grey All-American Combine (South Florida Regional). NFL veteran Ken Stills was the lead instructor. He was joined by NFL...

Blue-Grey All-American Combine: North Carolina Regional Scouting Report (2022)

Similar to year’s past, NFL veteran trainer Rodney Beasley was the lead instructor at the Blue-Grey All-American Combine (North Carolina Regional) and the turnout was better than expected. Although there were many scholarship-worthy prospects in attendance, numerous others...

Blue-Grey All-American Combine: Central Texas Regional Scouting Report (2022)

Expectations were reasonably high for the Blue-Grey All-American Combine (Central Texas Regional), and as expected given the favorable past results, the participants delivered on the advanced billing. NFL veteran Ken Stills was, once again, the lead instructor. NFL veteran...

Blue-Grey All-American Combine: Midwest Regional Scouting Report (2022)

The scene was set, like so many times before, Cincinnati Bengals’ Paul Brown Stadium once again hosted the Blue-Grey All-American Combine (Midwest Regional) and the workout received rave reviews. NFL veteran Ken Stills was the lead instructor, similar to the many year’s...